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At Hohman Health and Wellness, our goal is to provide the most personalized experience in your wellness journey.  We take great pride in providing the finest whole-person care, incorporating chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy and massage to create a custom treatment plan. Should you have any questions about how to achieve your optimal state of wellbeing, please call us at 407-936-9474.


As a valued patient at Hohman Health and Wellness, you will have
access to a premier team of experts and healthy resources. Our providers
collaborate to create unique treatment plans for every individual or business.

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We are committed to offering the highest level of comprehensive care in our Lake Mary office.  Chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition and massage are combined to improve and maintain the overall wellbeing of every patient.

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Our goal is to empower our patients to improve their body and mind by emphasizing continued education and specialized programming. A variety of programs have been designed to help our patients meet any of their wellness goals.

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“I honestly can’t say enough to thank Dr. Hohman and Jen for all the help they have given me over the last couple of years. Dr Hohman is extremely caring and knowledgeable, not just about the standard issues that people usually seek chiropractic care for, but for all sports related injuries. He is always able to pinpoint exactly what the issue is and set me straight again. The office is delightful – clean, friendly and really convenient. It’s a pleasure to visit there.”
“The kids get excited to go to Dr. Wes’ office for adjustments. He is very patient with them and listens intently to whatever they have to say. Going to see a chiropractor helps them become more self aware of their body and is preparing them for a lifetime of well being.”
“There are a lot of Chiropractors who just do adjustments, but Dr. Wes does more than that. He encourages and understands my lifestyle and often helps me stretch. I would come to Hohman Health & Wellness for the rest of my life, it’s totally worth it!”
“I was referred here by a friend and I have to say it was the best chiropractic experience I’ve had by far. I used to go to a chiropractor when I lived in South Florida to help me with whiplash pain from a car accident I had gotten into years ago. I had been having a lot of back and especially neck pain recently and had been meaning to see a chiropractor, but when it comes to my health and wellness I want to be sure I’m going to someone I can trust. Dr. Hohman gave me some pointers on how to ease the tension in my back and make my workouts more productive. He also gave me a great (and much needed) adjustment, then told me to come back in about a few weeks for a follow up. I really like how well I was taken care of.”
“Dr. Hohman fixed me up after a serious mountain bike wreck. My neck, shoulder, and hand were in excruciating pain identical to whiplash (been there, done that). After first consulting a large orthopedic firm that made me visit two separate doctors on two separate dates, I went straight to Wes based on a recommendation. He isolated the epicenter of my pain and thoroughly educated me, gave me instructions, and treated me back to health. I was on the road or recovery during my first visit.”