Education and Programs

What to expect 

Your first visit to Hohman Health and Wellness will begin with filling out some patient information and a consultation with Dr. Wesley Hohman to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. After the consultation, Dr. Hohman will perform a full examination, testing your reflexes and flexibility. Information gathered from the examination and x-rays (if needed) will guide our professionals in developing a comprehensive wellness and treatment plan that is just right for you!

Visit our New Patient Center

No matter what your need, Hohman Health and Wellness will customize a program that’s just right for you. Read about some of our special programs below.

Concierge Medicine

Think of this as your personal (more reliable) health insurance.  Dr. Hohman will meet with each individual patient to determine the best treatment plan. Includes the following components whether you’re utilizing the plan for wellness and prevention or treating an acute condition. 

Pre/Post Natal Care

Program design in progress!

Athletic Performance

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, this plan is designed to help the body achieve maximum performance.  Beginning with an in-person, comprehensive assessment, the program walks you through all aspects of performance improvement.  Dr. Hohman tailors each program to the individual providing nutrition plans, mobility instruction and strength training specific to each sport.

Corporate Wellness

Program design in progress!

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